Solcal Alternative

California natives and  based out of North East Los Angeles, the Suns of Cali mix elements of Latin and Hawaiian genres while playing in the styles of popular California 90’s bands. Inspired by the likes of Sublime, Sugar Ray, Incubus, RHCP and many others, the Suns of Cali create catchy eclectic songs to go with just about any environment. Harmonious and rhythmic, Suns of Cali combine many genres together to create a truly unique sound. From Reggae, ska, alternative rock  , and even blues and classic rock. This versatility is what makes SOC different. Led by frontmen Allen Miranda and Chris “Howie” Cruz the Suns of Cali have been making music since 2016. Advocates of art in any shape or form, SOC continue to create and support the arts. From festivals, to backyard parties to bars the Suns are just looking to shine!

Management & Booking