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Since 2016, Suns of Cali have garnered a decent local following in the LA art scene, playing at art walks and art galleries respectfully where they cater to artists of all walks of life. In 2019 they shot and produced a music video “Canvas” generating a positive response from painters, graffiti artists, illustrators, etc as the song is representative of the local art community in the city, showcasing murals and pieces done by local artists in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Suns of Cali have since played at bigger shows such as the 626 Night Market and the NELA Music Festival, really cultivating the LA lifestyle with feel good music. In the early days, Suns of Cali played a very hawaiian sounding eclectic style of music made up prominently of ukulele melodies layered over one drop drum patterns and reggae rhythms but has since developed into a more progressive sound venturing into the jazzy funk rock style that it is today. In 2021, Suns of Cali got people up and moving with their hit single “High Jive” which was widely praised in the OC ska scene and continues to attract listeners of both the reggae and ska communities. Suns of Cali are still active going into 2023 with their second EP “Cosmic Elixir” out of the way, the Suns are looking forward to shining brighter than ever before !


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